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Exercise Physiologist

Tom Cowan is a leading Exercise Physiologist. He has been based on Harley Street, the world-famous centre of medical excellence, for 10 years, specialising in exercise prescription for cancer and cardiac rehabilitation.

​Tom works with individuals from all over the world remotely via video call consultations and through his app, Tom Cowan Exercise Physiology. He also holds regular clinics at the world-leading Harley Street clinic, Marylebone Health Group (MHG).

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As an expert in the field, Tom's exercise programmes are underpinned by an evidence-based approach, following Sport and Exercise Science principles, the latest research and guidance from clinical bodies such as the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) and the Wright Foundation for Cancer Rehabilitation. Tom's methods have led to exceptional outcomes for his clients and have featured in publications such as The Sunday Times Magazine.


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Hands down this is the best thing I have ever done for myself and my health. Tom is very professional and always delightful. He is very knowledgeable about exercise physiology and caters to you, your age and is very careful to plan your workout based on the above criteria. He explains each exercise in detail. When my workouts are finished, I literally feel one hundred percent better emotionally and physically, not to mention toned.

Tom also is consistent with building up my workouts to new and challenging levels. I have seen an increase in my stamina, better posture, stronger arms and legs, better core, glutes and overall better blood pressure readings.

Tom’s efforts in making me feel fit are awesome. His knowledge about the body and what it takes to maintain good fitness and health are something I get excited about. Tom gets me excited to succeed and energizes my workouts taking me to the next levels. The best thing about Tom is his attention to detail. He is effective in his communication and a personal good listener. Tom is passionate about what and how he teaches his many diverse clients.

Client from USA
Clinical conditions: Aneurysm, Osteoporosis





Tom frequently contributes for health and fitness magazines and newspaper articles and makes appearances for podcasts, television and radio. 

Tom is also a proud ambassador for Lululemon and Allbirds. 

For media enquiries and brand collaborations, contact Tom using the button below.

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